3 Ways to Increase Small Business Sales

In small-scale businesses, there are three major methods to increase overall sales. You may believe that there are more than three and though that may be true, these three are the most important. As a business owner, you’ve probably tried implementing different kinds of methods and strategies to increase the revenue your business needs to thrive on a month to month basis. We understand the efforts of the day to day struggle business owners battle with to get their business on top. We hope to shed a little light on the challenges you may be facing as a business owner who longs to serve more people. Without further ado…


The Three Methods Are:


  • Attract new clients
  • Increase your client’s frequency
  • Increase your average sales per visit


Sounds simple, right? It’s easy, but not as simple as simply reading it.


Let’s break each of these down, one by one, so we can gain a better understanding of how these strategies will help you achieve each of your business goals.


  1. Attract New Clients


Despite how long you’ve been in business, there are always new ways to attract new customers and clients. The good news about this is that there are always people who are still moving into your area for residential purposes. New homes attract new people and new people means more business for local business owners like you. Have you recently seen the new housing developments in the area? New houses, townhomes, condos, & apartments; you name it, it’s being built and all for the purpose of housing more people. Even with all those people moving in, there are still others who haven’t visited your business that have lived in your area for quite some time. You must target them as well.


Strategies For Attracting New Customers Include:

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram needs to be a priority if you want to attract new clients. Chances are, you’ve tried boosting a few posts, though we wouldn’t recommend that. To really take advantage of the power advertising on Facebook provides, you have to use the advertising platform tool called Power Editor. Facebook created this tool to reach your customers in a hyper-directional way. For example, you can contact people on Facebook who have a birthday in the next 7 days, people who have specific interests in health and fitness, people with upcoming events such as anniversaries, people who love spas, baby sites and weight loss, fun lovers, newly engaged couples, beer lovers, people with a certain level of income or having consumption in spending and more.


Targeting can be precise and your campaign might work, it may be necessary. Instagram is now part of Facebooks advertising platform and the rate of interaction on Instagram is unparalleled. If you do not have the engaged presence and commitment of your potential customers on these two platforms, you are missing the most powerful way to attract any new business in your area.


  1. Increase Your Client’s Frequency

Increasing your customer loyalty is simpler than ever in the history of all history. Retaining your return customers is crucial to your business goals. Trust us, we know! Increasing the retention of your current customers while obtaining new ones is what keeps your business afloat. With Facebook and Instagram, it is now easier to stay in front of your customers on a more personal and frequent basis. The struggle is knowing what content your customers will respond to and how effectively it’ll keep them coming back for more. Advertising on social media requires a different way of thinking and cultivating strategies that will increase your customers loyalty to your business. If you’re a restaurant, for example, start with good food and service. This must be your priority and something you seriously exhibit before all your customers on social media. Keep the bathrooms clean as well and post about it. Funny & seemingly random posts engage your customers on social media in a way that’s different. It also gives you an edge over the competition. You probably have set your priorities and it’s time to become smarter in marketing to clients who have had a good experience at your business. Not only do we want them to coming back often, but we also want them bringing their friends and family.


Strategies That Work On How To Increase Client Frequency Include:

Wi-Fi marketing, email marketing, SMS (text) marketing, Facebook, Instagram. Wi-Fi marketing companies, such as Zenreach, launched last year due to innovative Wi-Fi marketing solutions that link e-mail and SMS platforms, all users can keep and increase the frequency of their clients.


If you are yet to add hundreds of emails to your small business email database (through social media marketing campaigns and internal e-mail promotion), a significant part of your business is missing. Also SMS, Text Marketing? Well, keep in mind that Gen Y and Z prefer text over e-mail … so what are you waiting for?


Always remember to keep in mind that these tools are great, but if you don’t have good Wi-Fi, email, and SMS strategies, retention is not enough and often your frequency of sales would not increase as you would have wanted it. I’ve seen small businesses invest in these tools, and then they do not know how to maximize them to get results. That does NOT convert to increased sales.


What about Facebook and Instagram? Of course, it is powerful to stay in front of fans and existing customers. If you have a list of emails (and you should), you can upload the email list to Facebook and market your products to these clients, which can also increase clients frequency as well. Also, Facebook Live video and Instagram stories should be part of your marketing mix and retention strategy, and if you do not know what they are or how to use them, you’re still living in the past.


  1. Increase Your Average Sale Per Visit

Yes, you can increase your prices. That’s one way, but there are other ways which you are already aware of. Many small business owners do not take advantage of the time they have with a client while they are in business. They’ve already decided on you and your business, and they have started to spend money already.


Strategies That Work To Help Increase Average Sales Include:

Customer service training and in-house promotion. This is one of it. Having great internal and special promotions (which your clients learn about when they visit) can continually increase your average sales. However, it is often about training staff on how to gently but convincingly upsell to clients. For example, a waiter in the restaurant may ask a client, “Have you tried the fish tacos or the nachos with these drinks? They mix really well. Which one would you want me to bring you?” This assumes the sale; it is not a question of “Can I start you out with some appetizer,” which is always a “Yes” or “No” question. It’s asking which one they want to start out with. Sometimes the slightest adjustment in your language can make a difference in sales. Here’s another example: In a salon, a staff member might suggest a new spa package at a discounted rate if it was purchased that same day. That staff member could say something like, “we are offering a unique one time offer for one of our spa packages with a 20% discount if you buy on your first visit. Which of these packages are you most interested in?”


Do Not Forget To Plan

It is shocking how many small business owners have no marketing plan, let alone a digital marketing plan. The social networks and other strategies discussed here are very real ways to achieve results and increase sales. Unfortunately, if you do not plan, you are planning to fail.


If all this seems a bit “over your head”, reach out to us because we are here to help you serve your customers better. We will work on a strategy with you in a complimentary 45-minute strategy session. You will know exactly what you need to do to increase sales in your small business. Don’t wait; call us today.

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