Facebook Marketing Strategies For Dentists

Hi, Cory here again with a hyper-realistic Facebook advertising strategy especially for dentists. Prepare yourself for the incredible, because getting new patients into your office is essential to the success of your practice. We have documented dental sales streams that have proven to work with all of our dental clients. We will start up right away and analyze the strategy.


Facebook Advertising Campaign

Before I can go in and start telling you technical terms, I’d like first to show you how your advertising strategy should be. The ad campaign does not end on Facebook, it has to capture the information of your prospective client in order to become a qualified lead, and Facebook is not the best place to do so. What you need is a sales funnel, a sales funnel that leads the client from the knowledge phase to the decision-making phase:


As you can see, a sales funnel starts at the stage of awareness (Facebook ad) and then on to the stage of interest that can be retrieved by using a “tripwire”. Tripwire will push the customer into the decision-making phase, and you will have a new customer.


So, yes, you may think so, sounds simple, but how can we do it?


Start with Tripwire

What is an excellent offer you can use to attract potential patients to leave Facebook and come to your website to give you their contact information (presenting them as a potential customer)? Well, we’ve tried several ads, and here are the bids we found most successful:


  • Discount off dentures, braces, and Invisalign
  • Free teeth whitening
  • Bridal teeth whitening
  • Checkup for children


The reason these services are provided free is to get potential customers filling your email box. In this regard, we will use Sale Dental in the UK as an example. He has organized a promotion for a special black Friday to get $500 off when buying Invisalign:



This is an advert we’ve run on Facebook to bring the viewer to the interest phase. To redirect them to where we want, we diverted the user to the landing page. In this case, http://bit.ly/2zex4hv will bring the Facebook user to a landing page that looks like this. We use click funnels to create the landing page:

On the landing page, we capture the customer information by placing them in a sales funnel. When you click “Yes, I want to $500 OFF Invisalign & Fixed Braces” and fill in the form, they are redirected to the page that requests them to call our practice:

We have developed urgency on this page so that lead (customer) can visit our practice and become a customer physically. But, in case they do not call… we’ve set up autoresponder using MailChimp to get them always informed during the “Black-Friday” campaign. When they enter their information, not only are they tempted to call us but we can stay in touch with our audience:

The emails look like this, and we have filled the autoresponder with approximately 65 days of auto-mail to try to attract the buyer over the next 65 days. We always send out emails every two days and only configure the email for holidays. The emails are been open at an open rate of 15 to 65%, making it a viable means for our dentistry. Using a tool like MailChimp is so easy to do and automate that you do not even have to hire digital agencies for that. Follow these 3 guidelines when using an autoresponder.

  • Be consistent
  • Sell every 3 emails
  • Tell stories in your e-mails
  • Send out vacation emails


With this constant flow of traffic, the dentistry can have a steady stream of leads entering the company on autopilot. Potential customers are sent emails directly by our practice’s email inbox to pick up the phone quickly, call the lead, and get new patients.


What Does This Cost a Dentist?


As far as Facebook sales funnels are concerned, Facebook charges a cost per click on each link (when someone clicks on your Facebook ad, you are charged). The average cost-per-click is about $ 1.50 to $ 2.00 per click. Not bad with regard to Google AdWords $10-$25 CPC. But the average cost was not the case in this video, check the price per link, click below:


For the cost of one click on Google AdWords, we succeeded in achieving 45 clicks. There are 45 visitors to your specific offer for only $ 15.72. Look, it’s almost unbelievable. But it always happens as long as your brand has a consistent brand and a transparent and incredible offer.


In Conclusion

You can use this strategy with all the dental practice. Just follow the steps above and you will be on your way to getting more qualified customers at an affordable price.

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