The Easily Duplicatable Facebook Ad Every Realtor Can Use

Want to learn about the Facebook ad every realtor can easily duplicate? At the end of the day, Facebook advertising is not an easy gig. Each and every day the cost per click goes up, and conversions go down.

This is why many people end up quitting on Facebook advertising as a traffic form for their business. This is a big mistake. The point is is that there are buyers and sellers in the market looking to work with an agent like yourself. But exactly how can you reach them?

We recommend using Facebook ads. A hyper-targeted Facebook ad that engages buyers and sellers. It all starts with a lead generation ad. This is a fairly new objective in the Facebook advertising world, but it basically allows marketers like us to literally capture prospective customer information right off of Facebook.

So, here is what you do. Start with a lead generation ad. Go over to business.facebook.com, and click on create ads. Once you do this, use the lead generation objective. When you do this, name your campaign whatever you need to name it in order keep track of it as you may be running multiple real estate facebook ad campaigns.

Now you need to pick some detailed targeting options. I seriously recommend you target a town or a city when targeting. Towns and cities convert more because of how hyper-focused the ad is skyrocketing your Facebook advertising conversions rates.

Call out the town or city in your ad as this will get a ton of attention – for example

” House prices are skyrocketing in Marietta Georgia” – targeting a specific town/city can help you boost conversion rates.

When you’re targeting, choose your age range you may want to focus on. You can also do some detailed targeting and target people by:

  • interests
  • behaviors
  • demographics

I recommend using a mix of all three when you’re targeting. Although, you do not need to over target. Facebook gives you an estimated reach as to what you’re going to reach, so make sure that this is not a low number.

Once you’ve chosen your targeting, you can now create your lead form. Your lead form should capture the following things:

  • name
  • email
  • phone number

Once you’ve captured this information, you now have a qualified lead that you can personally contact. Follow this system and you can start to get predictable Facebook Leads by just spending money on paid ads. A predictable marketing automation system that can get you qualified buyer and seller leads.

If you have any questions regarding this content – I would love to hear what you have in mind. Kindly comment below your thoughts and concerns. Or, you can get in contact with us directly here.

A version of this post was first published on the DeveloMark Blog.

Top photo credit: Kyle Sudu on Unsplash

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